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Cutting Up!

I am in the trenches of contest prep right now and in the trenches of whatever life decides to throw my way! I am fully convinced that life is probably not nearly as rewarding when it’s “easy” and if it is “easy” for anyone, I’d definitely like to be introduced!

No matter what is going on in my world around me – with my 4 children, my business, my friends and family – my contest prep has to remain in tact an on target or I just have to put competing on the back burner until it can be the main thing. I have learned how to manage contest prep while managing my other life duties. Unfortunately, for those of us who choose to live bodybuilding as a lifestyle, the other duties and challenges in our lives don’t come to a halt just because we’re gearing up to step on stage.

One common denominator I have found with successful bodybuilders (using the term to encompass all physique athletes) is that they all manage a full plate – whether it be family, career or other sports. Bodybuilders, I have found, to be among the busiest people. Why? I’ve decided that bodybuilders, by nature, are overachievers, perfectionists and always striving to BE more, DO more.

When it comes to doing contest prep cardio in the wee hours of the morning (because that’s really the only time it can be done when you’re living with a full plate) I’m not alone. Sleep is extremely important in this lifestyle, but so is making sure you get all the training in that is necessary to prepare your physique for the stage. Even with nutrition completely dialed in, it’s not enough for an athlete who is pushing it to the limit and asking their body to do extraordinary things. Hence the need for sports nutrition supplementation.

I’ve recently been getting asked a lot: “Why do you love Cardio Cuts so much?” When it gets down to the wire with contest prep, I find myself even more in love with my Cardio Cuts than usual. Before I even hit the stepmill to do my cardio, I drink 2 scoops of Cardio Cuts mixed in water (off season I drop to 1 scoop). I love the taste, but more importantly, I love the energy it gives me when energy is at an all-time low due to maximum output and a drop in caloric intake. I started taking Cardio Cuts in 2011 when I was 3 weeks out from contest and just could not find energy for my morning cardio sessions. It was the only thing that allowed me to power through and I’ve never gone without it since. As a bodybuilder, my main goal is to preserve as much lean muscle as possible during the cutting phase/contest prep – Cardio Cuts has the recovery ingredients and amino acids needed to aid in sparing precious muscle.

I’ve recently (as in just a few days ago) started taking ArsenalX in place of Intensify Xtreme with my Cardio Cuts in the morning – just looking to change things up. I will tell you that the last few days my cardio has been GREAT! And I take the ArsenalX with my Pump Fuel and Nitro CMX before I lift in the evening and WOW, talk about a great workout!! Love it! I think this will be the kick I need to get me through the next 6 weeks as I prepare to take the Emerald Cup stage on May 3rd and the Empire Classic stage on May 11th…because like every other bodybuilder, I’ve got too much to do to slow down!

You can read the product information from NDS here:

Sports nutrition supplements are designed to compliment your nutrition and training program that are already dialed in. Not all supplements are created equal and not all labeling is truthful. Do you research and make sure you are using brands that are truthful in labeling (as NDS is) and are created using the highest quality ingredients. Your performance and your physique depend on it!

Train Insane, y’all!


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