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Bill Lane
Great GREAT service!
May 28, 2013 - Really Liked It
I just made a phone order with NDS and had a GREAT experience. First, I wanted to talk to someone about the specifics of a few products and was sent right to one of the NDS experts. Not only did he answer my questions with beating around the bush, I noticed that we never tried to push me to buy a more expensive product or a product I didn't want. Next, I wanted to talk dollars and sense. I was transferred to Andrea who was amazing. I was hoping to get a $20 discount on my order. My order plus shipping would have come out to $167.93. Andrea told me about a promo and got my price plus shipping down to $127! $20 cheaper than what I was hoping for!. And she said I could expect is an early as the next day! I never write reviews, but I had such a great experience with you folks. Keep of the good work. I will certainly be a return customer.
Julie Daniels
Excellent product
April 9, 2013 - Really Liked It
I purchased dual impact four months ago starting with a starting weigh of 227 pounds and I dropped down to 185 pounds. I am extremely pleased with the product. I used many diet pills before but never recieved results like this. With a balance diet and excerise. I am looking forward to dropping my last twenty pounds. Good luck guys.
March 20, 2013 - Really Liked It
Great product,works good.I really recommend it, great energy @ gym
ken marrero
Flex Stack
February 19, 2013 - Really Liked It
The Product is Awesome,If your working out hard I Really recommend this.
Romeo Salinas
My (short) Story!!
January 8, 2013 - Really Liked It
AMAZING PRODUCTS!!! I currently work at a GNC in the Dallas area and have been with GNC for almost two years now. Needless to say I have access to thousands of products but nothing works as well as the NDS supplement line. When NDS came out with products Censor, Intensify Xtreme, ACG3, and Core Fuel; I was fortunate to be the first to try them. I was instantly hooked and over the course of two years I was able to lose 140 pounds!!! Now, I continue to keep the weight off with Omega Cuts, Cardio Cuts, and Keto-MAX. There is no other supplement line on the market today that can compete with NDS Nutrition. I can confidently say that these products helped save my life! Thanks NDS, I owe you one.
Romeo Salinas IV

Before: 347 Pounds After: 200 Pounds
Size 50 Waist and 4 XL Shirt Size 34 Waist and Large Shirt
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NDS Nutrition Facebook Wall
November 3, 2011 - Really Liked It
Tried a sample of the new Liporush, that stuff is crazy I went all day with tons of energy, not hungry at all, and did stairstepper for ever dripping some serious sweat!
Supplement Reviews
October 13, 2011 - Really Liked It
Just picked up some acg3, the last product i used was superpump max, also tried some of max muscles full blown extreme. the superpump max gave me great pumps but the acg3 was even better, the vasculenity from the acg3 was crazy. plus you get 2 months worth for 55 compared to other products that will only last a month for the same price.i got the watermelon and it goes down like butter super smooth taste. the energy level was also smooth it didnt make me feel all tweaked out and ready to run a compares alot to the energy that superpump max gave me. i highly suggest trying it out you wont be disappointed.
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October 2, 2011 - Liked It
I love this product. I stack it with Caffeine Free Pump Fuel for my pre-workout drink. Stacking these make my extra focused and concentrated on what I'm going to do next and I can lift more when I'm taking these. My post workout is After Glow which tastes amazing and I'm not as sore after as I would be if I didn't take this. I take two different pills, a multivitamin to help me absorb more of what I'm takin and black betas (blood oxygenator) that expands my blood vessels to allow more through them and also helps with soreness and increases the effects of creatine.
Supplement Reviews
September 23, 2011 - Really Liked It
I have taken many pre-workout supplements and I must say this is the most effective one I have taken. This is not just because of the effects during the workout but also because I would not crash after it which is big factor in my ten rating.

The supplement was used in a PMD stack of PMD Test 600 and PMD Omega Cuts (which is not listed for review here). My start weight was 186 and I started this stack with Rusty Moore's workout program with less weight and high reps with short rest in between sets. After this stack my weight is 191 and my waistline has not changed so I presume this to be mostly muscle.

My diet was nothing out of the ordinary and I kept close to maintenance or a little over per the workout program. Cardio was kept to 15 minutes to keep myself moving to optimize calorie usage post workout.

Flavor (8)- I would take ACG3 30 minutes before my workout and the pink lemonade flavor wasn't terrible but I would chug it as fast as possible since it wasn't anything I wanted to linger on with.

Mixability (9) - I took two scoops of this since I have a good tolerance for stims and it mixed pretty well with 8 ounces of water. There was very little if any residue at the bottom which makes for a very bitter beer face if you do not mix it well.

Effects (10)- I was a rockstar on this and had very focused and intense workouts with a great pump. I never felt that I was out of control at any time and I was able to get through the vigorous workout without any high level of fatigue. Post workout I was still able to sleep at night and I never crashed from this product which is why I switched from Jacked.

Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who is a fan of pre-workouts. I would advise to adhere to the dosing if you are unsure of your tolerance to stimulants since this is a very potent product.
Supplement Reviews
September 11, 2011 - Really Liked It
This is hands down my favorite pre-workout supplement, I have used Jacked, White Flood, C4 Extreme and a few others.

ACG 3 has the pump on par with what Jacked gives you (acg 3 is a little better) but it took much longer to build a tolerance to ACG than Jacked, after 1 container of Jacked i was taking 2 1/2 to 3 scoops just to feel anything, after 2 full containers of acg I could still feel a nice pump with just 1 1/2 to 2 scoops.

I saw quite a big improvement with acg 3, went from around 150lbs to just over 170lbs and gained about an 80lb increase in bench press, everything improved I constantly had people come up and tell me how much bigger I got and they didn't believe that all I did was take acg and eat a little better.

All in all this is my favorite pre-workout I've seen the best results from it and nothing bad, it hands down is the best tasting supplement as well, would drink it all day if I could its that good tasting.

If you are on the fence about trying a pre-workout I would strongly recommend starting with ACG 3.




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